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Dear Albie

Albie and Chris Manzo have a new advice show. Kind of. They at least have this: Chris digs up old advice column questions that they try to answer. More often than not, it goes off the rails and becomes tips on how to greet naked aliens when a question was about table etiquette.

Join Albie and Chis -- along with a rotating cast of friends and family members -- as they dispense advice you may not even know you needed.

Jun 19, 2019

You've been asking for it since we started. And here it is. 


Jun 12, 2019

We are back with Don and we cover everything from: Is Markie carrying her weight in Albie's Instagram videos? Listeners take over the podcast reviews. How did Caroline and Dolores Catania meet? Some behind the scenes talk from RHONJ. Jaqueline's epic texts when the show was airing. Greg has demands for his...

Jun 5, 2019

Albie and the Don discuss Greg Bennett's engagement, his bachelor party, life in the public eye, breaking up with a guy whose family you really like, can you be friends with your exes?, why Albie hates birthdays, and more!

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May 29, 2019

Al, Caroline, and Chris are live (kind of) from the basement two days after Chris' big 30th birthday party at the Brownstone. Which special guests showed up? Is Rich Wakile hairy? And what were the highlights of the night? Plus, we open up the Dear Albie mailbag and opine on a 26-year-old virgin. Write in with your...

May 23, 2019

Dad makes his debut & it's giving The Don anxiety. We get into mom's mind games at the beginning of their relationship. Brownstone stories. In-laws gifting lingerie as a wedding gift. Was housewives a waste of time? And more! Send in your Dear Albie questions and be part of the show!!